NAS based on OMV

Weeks ago, I took an old laptop and several 2.5′ and 3.5′ disks to Jinhua. There are tons of videos and pictures on those. I have a SATA to USB dock station, so those disks are be able to be connected to my laptop, the only thing needed is the appropriate NAS system. What I requires are:

  1. Use the most spaces on the disks, that means I need a tool to collected all spaces into one, tools like ZFS, mergerfs or other union file system. Mergerfs is suitable for the usb drivers.
  2. Appropriate backup or redundancy method, snapRaid is OK.
  3. Sleep function for the disks.

Since I am familiar with Linux and Debian, I would like to try OMV(openmediavalut) system on my old laptop, all of above requirements can be meet by the plugins.

The post will be updated when I finish the setup.


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